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Foundation 92’s Family Wellbeing programme ran in partnership with Bupa Foundation, aims to educate families in nutrition and positive mental health whilst improving family cohesion and resilience. The programme runs over a six week period, and we caught up with our latest participant Nishan who has just completed the programme.

“Taking part in the family wellbeing programme was fun, interactive and I finally learnt how to skip! 

“I got a head-start on starting boxing, which was fun. 

“Siobhan has been great, whenever I talk to her about something, even if it’s not about the programme, she always listens to me. 

“It’s impacted my mental and physical health – before I started this I’d been quite strong, but now I have more agility and faster movements instead of just brute strength. 

“The programme has made me more interactive, and more social so I can speak out when I want to. I’m not shy anymore – I was a little bit shy before, but I feel more confident now.

“My favourite part of the programme was learning about and trying new healthy foods. 

“I’ve started cooking healthy food with my mum too – we made turkey bacon which is both healthy and delicious, with a side of boiled eggs, mushrooms and potatoes – best meal in the world!”

Nishan – Family Wellbeing Participant

“Compared to before starting the programme I definitely feel there’s more of a spring in his step, he’s become more confident. 

“He’s also become quite resilient, and that’s something he’s learnt while doing this programme. 

“There was a really good session on resilience one week with Siobhan.

“Since then Nishan has definitely taken it on board, if something has upset him or got him angry, and he’s in a bit of a funk, he snaps out of it very quickly and very easily. 

“He’s able to identify it now and to know that, is being resilient, and I think that’s his biggest achievement since doing the programme, alongside his confidence and social skills. 

“Siobhan has been great, especially with communication, really easy for Nishan to talk to as well as myself.

We got on really well with Siobhan and she’s also really good and informative with everything Nishan has learnt. We’re super impressed with her. 

“Nishan taking part in this and making the progress he’s made, especially in terms of his resilience, is probably the one thing I am most proud of him”. 

Parent of Nishan – Family Wellbeing Programme participant

For more info about our Family Health Programme, click HERE.

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