Health & Wellbeing
Health & Wellbeing

The Foundation understands that sport is a fantastic tool to improve community’s health and wellbeing.

Each programme developed by the foundation, is coordinated to ensure we are able to have a positive influence on each individual participants health and wellbeing.

Foundation 92 ensure they deliver continuous projects, initiatives and campaigns that develop community’s health and wellbeing for the greater good.

The Foundation understand sport is a great tool to improve community’s health and wellbeing. The sport projects the foundation launch are all coordinated to ensure they are positively influencing all participants health and wellbeing.

Foundation 92 supports young people, families and local communities through the challenges that have arisen over the last year and will continue to arise. Supporting and expanding COVID-19 response efforts alongside supporting children’s mental health has been the crucial element of support within the Foundation over the last year.

The programme the Foundation delivers evolves around supporting families by giving them resilience training, learning coping mechanisms and showing them how to lead physically active and healthy lifestyles.

“Sport has the ability to change lives, be it keeping young people on the right path, bringing together those who may be struggling or simply to find common ground with people or a support network that they may not have currently.” 

Rob Buckley, Secretary, Foundation 92