Inclusion is often overlooked in today’s society, yet it’s becoming more and more relevant because of the rapidly developed diversification of the population.

Foundation 92 deliver an inclusive offer to ensure open, transparent and engaging opportunities for all.

As a charity the foundation are committed to ensuring that every individual in the community has the chance to achieve their potential. Hence why we design and implement specific programs to help meet the needs or additional needs of the people we support.

We support people who are most vulnerable to achieve their potential. As a charity we are committed to supporting everyone to realise and achieve their potential by creating innovative projects for people to access seamlessly, without barriers.

“I myself grew up on hard times in this very area, so I know how difficult life can be for underprivileged youngsters. Now is my chance to help others and make my family proud.”

Tony Camilleri, Quality & Diversity Lead

Education & Employability