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Fit 92 is a programme designed to support individuals with a BMI of over 25, to create a healthier lifestyle.

Foundation 92’s next cohort begins on the 24th of April at Limelight Health and Wellbeing Hub.

The programme aims to prevent long term health conditions such as diabetes, whilst providing participants with the tools and techniques to look after their mental well-being.

Through the support of Foundation 92’s qualified professionals’ participants will learn how to manage a healthy weight.

John, a participant on the programme, speaks about how the programme has improved his health below.

“I’ve really enjoyed the programme. In 2019 I had a heart attack, before that I used to cycle to work every day. I was never exactly slim, but I was getting exercise often enough. I was getting 30-35 minutes of exercise every day, but after the heart attack, covid-19 came along. 

“I was working from home, I ditched the bike for a bit, my weight was going up and up, and I fell into bad habits of eating takeaway food like a lot of people. I knew I had to do something, I tried dieting and things like that, but nothing seemed to work. I finally went to the doctors and asked for support. The doctor recommended Foundation 92’s Fit 92 programme. 

“Since I joined the programme, its gone really well. Through the programme, I’ve got into a nice habit of having decent breakfast meals that are healthier, and my food choices for lunch are much better for me. 

“By just making these changes, I’ve seen the weight drop and it’s been a revelation really.

“Through Fit 92, I’ve met some great people. Other participants on the programme have shared their experiences and stories as well as what has been working for them.

“I’ve really enjoyed the boxing sessions, they get you out of breath, and make you run around and get active. I look forward to the Fit 92 sessions every week, you’re always learning new things, whilst being with others that are going through similar issues. It’s so motivating each week.

Foundation 92’s next cohort begins on the 24th of April at Limelight Health and Wellbeing Hub, running from 5:30pm until 6:30pm every week.

Do you want to see the benefits of Fit 92 like John?

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