Our Trustees

Chair of Trustees

Yvonne Harrison

“My role as a Trustee of Foundation 92 is to ensure that the Charity is run in the interests of the people we aim to support within Salford and Greater Manchester and to be an advocate for what we do.

“It is my responsibility to ensure meetings are planned effectively and conducted professionally. It is also important for me to ensure the Board has the skills to perform its duty and that Trustees are effective in their roles. Finally, I support the Head of Foundation 92 to achieve the Charities objectives, acting as a critical friend, opening doors and providing constructive challenge to ensure we are successful.

“My career has been centred around sport, particularly grassroots sports and the difference it can make to the lives of people and communities. I have a mixed portfolio of Trustee, Non-Executive Director and advisory positions, in addition to my own business which allows me to engage in a wide range of projects and companies, doing things I care about and where I can make a difference.

“I am hugely proud of the difference we have made in our short time and excited about the impact we can have as we grow.”

Quality & Diversity Lead

Tony Camilleri

“When I was asked to join the Foundation, for me, it’s a privilege to do it based around I’m from Salford and I was in the position of underprivileged when I was 10 to 15. If I can help to make to change, then I would be more than happy and to make my family, which was based in Ordsall, to make them proud.

“Salford has given me a lot so if I can give anything back, I’d be really happy with that. I’m more than passionate about it; it means a lot to me because I’ve been there and I’ve had times where my mum and dad split up and then there was five of us in two bunk beds, so I’ve had those times and I’ve been there.

“To build awareness of how fortunate some people are. The unfortunate are still struggling so if I can help in any way, be it serving food, be it doing charity work, be it making money for charities, if I can help in any way, then that’s what I want to do.”

Safeguarding Lead

Will Lewis

“I work closely with the other Trustee’s and the leadership team of Foundation 92 to ensure we formulate sustainable long-term plans that make a positive impact in the local community.

“I am a founder of a real estate consultancy business called OBI which based in Manchester and Leeds.

“We work with developers and landlords to re-position their assets and maximise value. I also really enjoy working with some of the UK’s fastest growing businesses in advising on their business relocations.”


Rob Buckley

“Having worked within the sports sector for many years and been a sports fan my whole life, I have become increasingly aware of the impact sport can have on mental and physical wellbeing and the importance of it within a community.

“Sport has the ability to change lives around, be it keeping young people on the right path, bringing together those who may be struggling with poverty or homelessness or simply to find common ground with people and the need for a support network that they may not have currently.

“Sport is an important foundation in our society, and I am keen to do what I can to help.”