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We recently caught up with some of the people accessing our Wellbeing Hub, delivered in partnership with the Greater Manchester Integrated Rehabilitation Service. Read below to find out what impact the hub is already having.


Simon was living with his partner and had recently had a baby. They were struggling for money as he was self-employed, and they were only getting minimum maternity leave pay. They had a joint claim which they had done previously but the application had been denied. They were struggling to pay for rent, bills and groceries due to the lowering of the household income while his partner was on maternity leave. 

Support Needs Identified.

Simon was referred to us for support with his money and Universal Credit (UC) application. After conducting our initial meeting with him and assessing their situation it was made clear what steps needed to be taken to support him with this. 

Support provided and challenges faced.

During the initial meeting a plan was agreed that we would contact UC together on the telephone and talk to them directly about why the claim was denied and what they would need for us to appeal it. 

After speaking with the UC, together we uploaded all of the information and evidence requested. The UC said that they would have a look at Simon’s case and get back to us. 

When the YUC called Simon back, he was able to talk to them confidently, knowing his information was correct and could lead the conversation. 

Simon and his partners’ claim was accepted and the payments backdated to when he made the original application. 


The outcome of the above steps has meant that Simon and his partner are now able to live somewhat comfortably knowing that they can pay the rent, bills and groceries but also support the cost of a newborn baby. He is no longer anxious that he is having to pay for everything and not save for the future. Simon is still working full time and is taking care of his partner and baby when he gets back from work and has said that there is a lot less stress now that he knows they can pay the rent, bills, groceries and everything for the baby. 

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