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Jo McGowan, Chief People Officer at 1ST CENTRAL: “We’re proud to see the extent that Foundation 92 is continuing to evolve as a charity and the vital and varied support that they provide to their local communities.

After a particularly challenging 12 months in light of the Coronavirus pandemic, where the mental and physical wellbeing of families and young people has no doubt been impacted, Foundation 92 has created a priceless avenue for support, social interaction and activity that’s helping local people through difficulties and hardships.”

Michael Lee, Group Chief Executive Officer at 1ST CENTRAL: “It’s fantastic to see the impact that Foundation 92 has been having on the livelihoods of young people and families in Salford and around, as well as the degree in which they’re embedding themselves as an essential support pillar in these communities.

Their countless projects and initiatives do everything from provide physical activity and educational progression for children, to supporting vulnerable families with food parcels and championing wider community relations across different segments of society.”